How to find cheap auto insurance in Georgia

Cheap Auto Insurance in Georgia

While searching for car insurance Georgia or auto insurance in Georgia some common question arises that what type of car insurance is required in Georgia? Once must ask questions while finding cheap auto insurance in Georgia. There are certain factors to be considered while buying a car insurance.

What car insurance is required in Georgia?

In Georgia, like most of the USA states, you can not drive without insurance. All drivers are required to have insurance coverage for bodily injury to others ($25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident) and Property Damage Liability ($25,000 per accident).

Cheap Auto Insurance in Georgia

Georgia Laws for Teen Drivers

In Georgia, a 15-years old can get an instructional permit if they pass a written exam but they can only drive when a licensed driver (21 years or older) is present with them. After holding this permit for 1 year and 1 day, teens can get a intermediate (Class D) driver’s license in GA.

However, intermediate drivers may not drive between 12 midnight and 6am plus for first six month they can only drive immediate family members as per “Joshua’s Law” (Senate Bill 226). After age of 18 they can apply , Class C driving license.

What is the average cost of car insurance in Georgia?

Average cost of car insurance in Georgia in 2023 in about $639 annually for minimum coverage or approx. $2,085 annually for a full coverage.

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Georgia is one of the costliest states for car insurance due to high cost of repair, healthcare cost, highway conditions and weather.

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Georgia?

Getting a cheap car insurance or cheap auto insurance in Georgia is not difficult but a driver needs to consider to find affordable and reliable car insurance.

While comparing a Liberty Mutual auto insurance policy can cost less than other companies such as shown below…

Most popular car insurance companies in Georgia

CompanyAvg. Annual Premium
Georgia Farm Bureau$1,466
State Farm$1,897

Is car insurance cheaper in Georgia or Florida?

Generally, more expensive states and no-fault states require higher insurance coverage and that is the reason cost of car insurance is higher in Florida as a no-fault state. Another reasons for higher insurance cost in Florida because it has more dense highways, accidents and natural disasters than Georgia.

That’s why it costs more to have a car insurance in Florida than Georgia.


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