2025 Hyundai Tucson: Release Date, Price & Specs

2025 Hyundai Tucson: Release Date, Price & Specs

The 2025 Hyundai Tucson emerges as a compact crossover SUV proudly crafted by the South Korean automaker Hyundai. Debuting in 2004, this vehicle has traversed numerous generations of redesigns and updates, cementing its status as a symbol of evolution and innovation. The Tucson distinguishes itself for its captivating design, pragmatic utility, and commendable affordability, setting it apart from its counterparts in the competitive realm of compact SUVs.

Over time, the Hyundai Tucson has garnered acclaim for its inviting interiors, commendable fuel efficiency, and an array of contemporary features and technological choices. It typically boasts a diverse range of engine options tailored to various markets, encompassing both gasoline and diesel alternatives. Furthermore, Hyundai consistently integrates a suite of safety features and advanced driver assistance systems into its latest models.

Pitted against rivals like the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5, and Ford Escape, the Hyundai Tucson thrives in an arena characterized by fierce competition. With each successive generation, Tucson has witnessed enhancements in design, technology, safety provisions, and overall driving gratification. Simultaneously, the forthcoming Hyundai Tucson promises to introduce a host of novel features and designs, perpetuating its legacy of progressive transformation.

For those yearning to grasp the entirety of the 2025 Tucson’s essence, we extend an invitation to peruse this article from start to finish. Within these lines, we encapsulate the new Hyundai Tucson, encompassing its anticipated release date, pricing insights, trim variations, distinctive attributes, safety specifications, and a multitude of other compelling details.

2025 Hyundai Tucson Redesign

2025 Hyundai Tucson Redesign

As history records, the inaugural generation of the Hyundai Tucson entered the stage in 2004, courtesy of Hyundai Motors, assuming the form of a compact SUV. Pioneering its era, it bore an unmistakably distinct design and offered an array of engine choices. The initial iteration of the Tucson embraced a contemporary and compact SUV aesthetic.

Emblazoned with Hyundai’s hallmark grille and headlight styling, it presented itself in both front-wheel drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) configurations. Its reign extended until 2009, marking a notable chapter in its legacy. Thereafter, a new era emerged with Hyundai’s unveiling of the fourth generation Hyundai Tucson in the 2022 model year, a designation that still stands today. This generation has persisted, characterized by its continuation without significant overhauls.

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And now, poised for a debut in the 2025 model year, Hyundai Motor prepares to introduce the subsequent chapter of the Hyundai Tucson saga. For those contemplating whether the forthcoming Hyundai Tucson will undergo a comprehensive transformation for the 2025 model year, clarity eludes us as of now, as the company remains silent on the matter.

Nonetheless, drawing parallels from previous instances where subtle adjustments were the norm, we anticipate the emergence of the next Hyundai Tucson for the 2025 model year with a complete design overhaul and a medley of fresh features. Presently, unveiling intricate details about the upcoming Tucson design remains beyond our reach. Nevertheless, should the company unveil any revelations, rest assured that we will promptly update this space.

2025 Hyundai Tucson Release Date

When it comes to the impending release date of the 2025 Tucson, it’s worth noting that a definitive date has yet to be established. Nevertheless, according to certain reports, indications point toward a potential launch in the middle of 2024. If this holds true, prospective buyers may anticipate the commencement of order placements in the latter part of 2024. As Hyundai Motors extends an official announcement regarding the release date, rest assured that we will swiftly provide an update right here.

2025 Hyundai Tucson Price

The pricing details for the upcoming Hyundai Tucson 2025 remain undisclosed at present. Furthermore, as we are aware, the 2025 model year resides outside the scope of the fourth generation of the Hyundai Tucson. Consequently, it’s reasonable to anticipate that the upcoming Hyundai Tucson will maintain the same trim offerings as its preceding model. However, it’s worth noting that the price point is likely to experience a modest increase compared to the current figures.

In the prior model year, the Hyundai Tucson featured a range of five trims, with pricing commencing at $28,585 and ascending to $37,845. This information furnishes a basis for estimating the cost of the forthcoming Hyundai Tucson, aligned with the existing model’s parameters. Rest assured, as soon as the company divulges precise pricing particulars, we will promptly provide an update in this space.

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TrimsPrice (est.)
SEL Convenience$34,000
Hyundai Tucson 2025 Price

2025 Hyundai Tucson Interior

The interior of the Hyundai Tucson will be meticulously crafted to prioritize comfort, practicality, and advanced technology. Through an amalgamation of premium materials spanning the cabin, the Tucson will exude an ambiance of sophistication. Soft-touch surfaces, well-crafted plastics, and, in the upper echelons of trim, leather upholstery will converge to offer a visually pleasing and inviting interior. Despite its designation as a compact SUV, the Tucson will unveil a commodious cabin replete with generous headroom and legroom for occupants in both the front and rear, culminating in a serene environment conducive to extended journeys.

Elevating the driving experience, the Tucson will incorporate front seats that epitomize comfort and support. Enhancing convenience and well-being, higher-tier trims may feature power-adjustable and heated front seats. Commanding the spotlight within the interior is the touchscreen infotainment system, with the screen dimensions varying by trim level.

This system is typically equipped with coveted attributes such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, facilitating the seamless integration of smartphones for navigation, music, and various applications. Among select trims, the Tucson will boast the Digital Cockpit, a digital instrument cluster that supplants traditional analog gauges with a high-resolution, customizable digital display, furnishing vital driving information directly within the driver’s line of sight.

A notable standard inclusion in most Tucson models is air conditioning. Progressing to higher trims, the availability of dual-zone or automatic climate control empowers the driver and front passenger to set distinct temperature preferences, enhancing overall comfort. The upper echelons of trims may also offer ambient interior lighting, infusing an element of sophistication into the cabin while affording adjustment options to align with personal ambiance preferences.

Deliberately designed for convenience, the interiors of the Next Tucson encompass numerous storage compartments, encompassing door pockets, center console storage, and cupholders. At the rear, a reasonably sized cargo area awaits, and by folding down the rear seats, this space can be expanded to accommodate larger items.

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2025 Hyundai Tucson Features

Currently, we are unable to furnish precise details concerning the features of the forthcoming Hyundai Tucson, as the company has yet to provide any official information. However, drawing from the attributes of the previous model, we can speculate on potential inclusions in the next Hyundai Tucson feature set.

  • The Latest Infotainment system
  • Touchscreen display
  • Wireless smartphone integration
  • Digital instrument cluster
  • Remote start and climate control
  • Smartphone apps
  • Premium audio
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wireless charging
  • USB port
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Voice control
  • Blue Link Telematics
  • Multi-view camera
  • Sound system
  • Voice assistant integration
  • Multi-zone climate control
  • Traffic & Weather Updates

2025 Hyundai Tucson Safety Features

Every Hyundai Tucson model is outfitted with an array of safety features and technologies meticulously crafted to elevate both driver and passenger safety. The presence of safety features may exhibit slight variations contingent on trim level and model year. Notwithstanding, we present below some of the safety features that could potentially be integrated into the forthcoming Hyundai Tucson.

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Forward collision warning
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Rear cross-traffic alert
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • High beam assist
  • Surround-view monitor
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Traction and stability control
  • Electronic stability control
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Multiple airbags
  • Driver attention warning
  • Child Safety Features
  • Advanced high-strength steel structure

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2025 Hyundai Tucson Specs

Trim NameSE
Model Year2025
Body TypeSUV
No. of DoorsFour-Doors
No. of RowsTwo-Rows
Seating CapacityFive-Passengers
Towing CapacityN/A
Fuel Tank CapacityN/A
Full Tank Fuel RangeN/A
Engine NameN/A
Fuel Economy RatingN/A
Official websitewww.hyundaiusa.com

2025 Hyundai Tucson Dimensions


Interior Dimensions

Head-Room (Front/ Rear)N/A
Head-Room (Front/ Rear)N/A
Head-Room (Front/ Rear)N/A
Head-Room (Front/ Rear)N/A
Passenger VolumeN/A


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