2024 Toyota 4Runner

2024 Toyota 4Runner: Release Date, Price & Specs [Updated]

The New 2024 Toyota 4Runner is an upcoming SUV of Toyota, which is expected to come in the spring of 2024, with updated interior, exterior, and Features as the Next-Generation of Toyota 4Runner for the 2024 Model Year. And we already know that it is one of the safest bulletproof SUVs of Toyota.

The Toyota 4Runner is loved by most people not because Toyota powers it but because of its build quality and body style. It looks more attractive, impressive, and Bold, as seen in its photos. And now, it is expected to come with bolder and updated styling with a more powerful engine than ever Toyota 4Runner.

New Toyota 4Runner 2024 Image
2024 Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner’s competition is with the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco. All have already been Redesigned and have an updated engine powertrain and style with modern tech and safety features. So the new Toyota 4Runner will also come with a fully updated one.

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If you want to know everything about the new Toyota 4Runner, then you must read this article until the end. Because in this article, we will know everything about the new Toyota 4Runner 2024. Like- the 2024 Toyota 4Runner Release date, Price, Specs, Features, Pros & Cons, and all-important information you should know. So let’s know without wasting time.

2024 Toyota 4Runner Redesign

The Current 2023 Toyota 4Runner comes in the Automobile Market. That was the last time redesigned in 2009 for the fifth generation of Toyota 4Runner. It has been older and is needed to update and redesigned because the still Toyota 4Runner comes with a 4.0-liter naturally aspirated V6 engine that produces a power of 270 HP and 278 lb-ft of Torque.

And also, it now comes with only a five-speed manual transmission, which needs updating and updating. Because all its competitors now come with a 10-speed automatic or 7-speed manual transmission. So then it is required to redesign for the Next-generation.

And also, Officially, Toyota has confirmed that the following Toyota 4Runner will be all-new for the 2024 Model year. And also, recently, Toyota has confirmed to redesign one of the most popular Toyota Tacoma for the 2024 Model year.

2024 Toyota 4Runner
Pictured- 2023 Toyota 4Runner

The new Toyota 4Runner will likely come with a redesign for the 2024 Model year. And also, according to Automotive news reports, the new 2024 4Runner will come with Redesign as a Next-generation of Toyota 4Runner in 2024.

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2024 Toyota 4Runner Release Date

The Toyota 4Runner will be entirely new for the first time in over a decade. And the new Toyota 4Runner 2024 will be revealed sometime in 2023 and will likely be available in the spring of 2024.

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The current available Toyota 4Runner has continued in the automobile market since 2009. and also it was redesigned last time in 2009 as a fifth-generation of Toyota 4Runner. But now, it will likely be fully redesigned for the 2024 Model Year Toyota 4Runner as the sixth generation of Toyota 4Runner.

2024 Toyota 4Runner
Pictured- 2023 Toyota 4Runner

2024 Toyota 4Runner Price

Until now, Toyota has not released any official information about its pricing and other specs. So right, we need correct information about the new 2024 4Runner price. But the 2024 4Runner price is expected to start at around $40,000 for its base trim.

We will update this article as soon as possible when Toyota releases its official price and specs. So must follow and subscribe to get the latest update from SuvBazar.com. However, Last year Toyota 4Runner offered six trims models. That price starts at $40,990, including the destination and handling fee, up to $55,955. But this Model year, We hope it will come with five trims that price could start at around $40,000 for its base trim plus destination and handling fee. So here we have given below its estimated price-

TrimsPrice (est.)
TRD Sport$44,000
TRD Off-Road$45,000
TRD Pro$56,000
Toyota 4Runner 2024 Price

2024 Toyota 4Runner Pros & Cons


  • All New For the 2024 Model year
  • Impressive off-road Capability
  • variety of configurations
  • The versatile cargo area, especially with the optional slide-out floor
  • More standard safety features
  • Likely To get a Hybrid Powertrain


  • Poor MPG could be better
  • Tall Ground Clearance

2024 Toyota 4Runner Engine, Powertrain

The new Toyota 2024 4Runner is likely to be built on the TNGA-F Truck platform, on which the recently redesigned 2022 Toyota Tundra and 2023 Toyota Sequoia has been redesigned. And we expect that the new Toyota 4Runner 2024 will also use the same engine powertrain with an optional hybrid powertrain found in Toyota Tacoma.

And it is expected that the new Toyota 4Runner will produce a power of 275 HP and 317 lb-ft of Torque. And also it will come with a new ten-speed automatic transmission to replace the old six-speed. But yet, Toyota has not released official information about the latest Toyota 4Runner for 2024.

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2024 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid

New Toyota 4Runner will likely get a hybrid powertrain for the 2024 Model year. Because Recently, Toyota revealed its 2024 Toyota Tacoma with a hybrid powertrain. And also, all competitors, like Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, Ford Bronco, etc., come with powerful Hybrid powertrains.

The new Toyota 4Runner will likely also have a powerful Hybrid powertrain. But which powertrain will be equipped with a Hybrid system that is not declared yet? But according to expectations, the new Toyota 4Runner will get a Toyota’s iForce Max Hybrid system with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. That is also used in the new Toyota Tacoma.

Toyota 4Runner 2024 Interior

The New Toyota 4Runner’s interior will be all-new for the 2024 model year. And it will likely be built on the same TNGA-F Platform on which the new 2023 Toyota Sequoia and Toyota Tundra have been redesigned. So is a high chance that the interior of the new Next-Gen Toyota 4Runner will be the most like same as the Toyota Sequoia. So, what will the 2024 4Runner look like if you want to know that? Then you can see the interior of the 2023 Toyota Sequoia.

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And also, we hope that the new Toyota 4Runner 2024 will come with a new large touchscreen display with all the latest and modern tech and connectivity features like- wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Wireless charging pad, and other modern connectivity features with advanced safety features.

It is a third Row SUV with a seating capacity of up to Seven Passengers. And it is being said that the next-gen 4Runner will have more legroom space compared to the last generation. But still, its third row will have tight legroom. But Toyota will do something for its third row.

More information is not released officially by Company. So we will update this article soon when Toyota releases its interior information.

2024 Toyota 4Runner Fuel Economy

As we know, it is likely that the new 4Runner will have a hybrid powertrain that will give the best power and performance. And also, it will likely give excellent fuel economy compared to the last generations. But unfortunately, Officially, Toyota has not disclosed its fuel economy rating yet. So we will update this article when its fuel economy is available.

2024 4Runner Review

Video Credit- AutomotivePress YouTube Channel

New Toyota 4Runner 2024 Safety Features

As we know, the currently available Toyota 4Runner has the most advanced safety features. And also hope the next all-new 2024 4Runner will come standard with Toyota’s Latest Safety Sense TSS+ 3.0. with which you will get a host of standard safety features.

Like- is a standard Pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, Full Speed Range Dynamics radar cruise control, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, Lane Tracing Assist, and Automatic high beams. As well as it is likely that Toyota will offer more standard and optional safety features. However, below we have given some of the critical expected safety features in the list-

  • Anti-Lock Braking System:- Anti-Lock Braking system is likely to come as standard with Toyota 4Runner that will prevent the wheels from locking up or skidding during emergency braking.
  • Tire Pressure monitor system:- This Safety Feature also comes standard with the new Toyota 4Runner that alerts the driver when the vehicle’s tire has too low pressure or too high. That reduces the risk of a blowout.
  • Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert:- Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert is a safety feature that comes standard with the new 4Runner. It utilizes sensors and warning indicators to assist drivers in monitoring their blind spots and alerting them to potential hazards while changing lanes or reversing.
  • Standard Advanced Airbags:- The new Toyota 4Runner also has multiple advanced airbags. They have been placed in critical places to reduce the injury of the driver and passenger during any accident.
  • Daytime Runnings LED Lights:- the DRL safety features also come standard with the new Toyota 4Runner that, helps the driver to drive safe vehicles on the road during the day.
  • Front and Rear Parking Assist:- we hope the new Toyota 4Runner will have a standard Front and Rear Parking Assist. These safety features help drivers park their vehicles in tight parking spaces and allow them to view objects and other vehicles in the parking area.
  • Driver and front passenger active headrest:- Driver and front passenger active headrests are safety features likely to come standard in the new 4Runner. And it is designed to reduce the risk of whiplash injuries during rear-end collisions.
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Toyota 4Runner 2024 Infotainment and Connectivity Features

The new Toyota 4Runner 2024 is likely to get an upgraded interior with Toyota’s latest infotainment and connectivity features with a larger 14.0 inches multimedia touchscreen display and 12.3 inches digital gauge cluster display. as well as also hope that the new 4Runner will have modern connectivity features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. And also could get a wireless charger, USB Ports, a Premium Sound system, and Bluetooth technology with wireless hands-free connectivity.

  • 14.0-inches touchscreen display
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Wireless Smartphone Charger
  • 12.3 inches digital gauge cluster display
  • USB Ports
  • Premium Sound System
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Rear View Camera
  • Automatic High beams
  • Heated Front seats

2024 4Runner Colors

Toyota 4Runner offers a wide range of exterior color options. The Currently available Toyota 4Runner offers thirteen exterior colors, of which three are only available for the 2023 Model year on its 40th Anniversary. According to experts, Next Toyota 4Runner 2024 will have the same exterior colors, or Toyota will add some extra exterior and interior colors. By the way, Here we have given its exterior colors name below in the table on behalf of last year. But we will return soon with new, updated exterior colors for the 2024 4Runner-

  • Exterior Colors
    1. Ice Cap
    2. Blizzard Pearl
    3. Classic Silver Metallic
    4. Lunar Rock
    5. Magnetic Gray Metallic
    6. Nautical Blue Metallic
    7. Barcelona Red Metallic
    8. Lime Rush
    9. Midnight Black Metallic
    10. Solar Octane
  • Interior Colors
    • Black / Graphite
    • Sand Beige

2024 Toyota 4Runner Specifications

Seating Capacity7,8
Fuel-Tank CapacityN/A
0-60 MPHN/A
Towing CapacityN/A
Payload CapacityN/A
Official WebsiteToyota
2024 Toyota 4Runner Specs

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2024 Toyota 4Runner Dimensions

Length190.2 In.
Width75.8 In.
Height71.5 In.
Wheelbase109.8 In.
Ground-Clearance9.6 In.
Toyota 4Runner 2024 Exterior Dimensions

2024 Toyota 4Runner Interior Dimensions

Head-Room (1st/2nd/3rd)39.3/38.6/34.3 In.
Leg-Room (1st/2nd/3rd)41.7/32.9/29.3 In.
Shoulder-Room (1st/2nd/3rd)57.8/57.8/57.7 In.
Hip-Room (1st/2nd/3rd)56.5/55.7/43.3 In.
Cargo-Volume (Behind 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd Row)88.8/46.3/9.0 cu ft.
Passenger Volume 96 cu ft.
2024 4Runner Interior Dimensions

Toyota 4Runner History Overview

The first generation of Toyota 4Runner was revealed first time in 1983 for the 1984 model year in Japan. That continued till 1989 as the first generation of the Toyota 4Runner. After that, it was again redesigned in 1989 for the 1990 model year as the second generation of 4Runner, which continued till 1995.

And the third generation of Toyota 4Runner was revealed in 1995 for the 1996 model year, which was continued till 2002. and after that, it was redesigned twice, in 2002 and 2009.

The 2023 Toyota 4Runner is a part of the fifth generation of Toyota 4Runner, which was last time redesigned in 2009 and is continuing now in the automobile market. But now it is likely that its time is up, and now it will be redesigned for the 2024 model year for the sixth generation of Toyota 4Runner.

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Hello Friends, In this article, we have learned about the upcoming Toyota 4Runner 2024, which is expected to be available in the spring of 2024. And like this, we have known much important information like- the 2024 4Runner release date, Price, Interior, engine, and powertrain. But we will update this article as soon as possible with its updated specifications. Thank you.

FAQs- New Toyota 4Runner 2024

When will the 2024 Toyota 4Runner be available?

The new Toyota 4Runner could likely be revealed sometime in 2023 and will likely be available in the spring of 2024.

What will the Toyota 4runner 2024 look like?

The new Toyota 4Runner will look like an updated exterior and interior design. And its interior will look like a Toyota Sequoia.

What will the price of the 2024 4Runner be?

The exact price of the new Toyota 4Runner is not available right now. But it is expected that its price could start at around $40,000.

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