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2024 Volvo EX90: Price, Range, Specs, Pros & Cons

The 2024 Volvo EX90 is an upcoming all-electric SUV of Volvo Motor Company. The new Volvo EX90 electric SUV has been revealed by Volvo with its electric range and battery, 0-60 MPH time, and its new Photos and videos. so now you will be able to explore everything about its features and specs.

This new all-electric SUV will be the brand’s first top electric model that will be available for sale in late 2023. Volvo has confirmed that it will give an electric range of 300 miles on a single full charge. and also confirmed that it will support fast charging and be able to charge 10-80% in just 30 minutes.

New Volvo EX90 | Video source- Volvo

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The all-new Volvo EX90 2024 looks awesome and sleeker. it has been designed with a more aerodynamic style with long LED taillamps, and vertically oriented taillights. it will be available with an impressive and attractive design as you can also see in its video or photos which has been released by Volvo.

so if you want to know Everything about its new 2024 Volvo EX90 electric SUV then must read this article till the end, because in this article, we will know everything about it. like- the 2024 Volvo EX90 Price, specs, Pros and cons, Features, Range, power, acceleration, charging time, and other all-important information that you should know before ordering the new Volvo EX90.


The new Volvo EX90 EV is the brand’s top electric vehicle which is an all-new nameplate for the Volvo Lineup. and now Volvo has released all information about its powertrain, range, and charging time. Volvo has claimed that it will come with a fully electric powertrain that will generate a power of 496 HP.

New 2024 Volvo EX9 Photos
New Volvo EX90 EV 2024 | Image Source- Volvocars

so it is confirmed that it will have quick acceleration, and also Volvo has already confirmed that it can accelerate 0-60 MPH in just 4.7 seconds. so it will give you the best performance. Here we have given a short overview of the new Volvo EX90 EV-

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First launch Year2022
Current Model year2024
Seating Capacity7
Body TypeSUV
Engine Typeall-electric
Official websiteVolvo cars
Max-Power496 HP
2024 Volvo EX90 Overview

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Release Date

The new Volvo EX90 electric SUV was revealed by Volvo in November 2022. Also, Volvo has released information about its powertrain and electric range. and its pre-reservation has been started. you can reserve your new Volvo EX90 is only $500 and it will be refundable. Volvo has claimed that it will be available to dealerships in early 2024.

2024 Volvo EX90 Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    • The Long Electric Range of 300 Miles
    • A Powerful Electric Powertrain
    • New Standard Safety Features
    • Quick Acceleration
  • Cons
    • Wait to till launch
New Volvo EX90 electric SUV image
Volvo EX90 Electric | Image Source- Volvo

Price and Trims

Volvo has not revealed its pricing and trims. but it is expected that it will follow its new trim-level protocol. in which its base trim could be called core, its second base trim could be called plus and its top trim could be Ultimate. and it is likely that its price will be more than its gasoline-powered Volvo XC90. so it is expected that the new 2024 Volvo EX90 price could start at around $80,000 for its base trims. however, we have given estimated pricing for all three trims-

TrimsPrice (estimated)
2024 Volvo EX90 EV Price

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Range, Battery, and Charging Time

This Volvo’s new all-electric SUV will come with a 111 kWh battery pack which will be capable of giving a long electric range of 300 miles on a single full charge. and Volvo has also claimed that it will come with a DC fast charging system, With the help of that you can charge 10-80% of your new EX90 in just 30 minutes of charging. and you will be able to charge it at your home. however, its electric range also depends on your driving style. if you are an expert in driving an electric vehicle then you can get a more electric range.

Motor, Power, and Performance

The new Volvo EX90 is a seven-seater flagship SUV that will come with a dual electric motor powertrain with an all-wheel drive drivetrain and a single-speed automatic transmission. the base level of the twin-electric motor powertrain will generate a power of 402 HP and 568 lb-ft of torque.

whereas, its twin-electric motor performance top variants generate a power of 496 HP and 671 lb-ft of torque. All-wheel drive drivetrain will come standard with its all variants. and also it will give the best performance. Volvo has claimed that it can accelerate 0-60 MPH in just 4.7 seconds.

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Interior Design

The interior of the new Volvo EX90 is so impressive, attractive, and eye-catching that anyone can be impressed after looking at its interior design. it has been designed with a neat and clean design and quality materials. we have no words to say about its interior design, and we hope your condition will be the same as mine. because its interior has no problem look like.

new Volvo EX90 Interior image
Volvo EX90 electric SUV | Image Source- Volvocars

it is a futuristic electric vehicle so also it is designed according to the future. for example, first of all, it comes with a large touchscreen display that has inbuilt connectivity features like- Google built-in, Apple CarPlay, and many more advanced modern technologies. second, it comes with a large panoramic glass sunroof. as you can see in its interior images.

so we want to say that its interior is more luxurious with more space. it is a seven-seater flagship SUV, but even after that, there is no problem with space for rear or second-row seats. so inside it, anyone can sit without any trouble and also feel better. its third-row seats are electronically foldable. that means you can fold your third seat automatically. when you need more cargo space.

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new Volvo EX90 EV image
Volvo EX90 2024 | Image Source- Volvocars

however, you will get a good cargo space of 12.9 cubic feet behind the third-row seats. Even if you need more cargo space you can fold your third or second-row seats also. so after folding your third and second-row seats, now you will have a cargo space of 67.6 cu ft. which is enough space for your family suitcase or bags.


The 2024 Volvo EX90’s exterior design is sleeker and aerodynamic. its exterior design is neat and clean. but its fresh exterior looks impressive. it comes with unique LED headlamps and vertically oriented taillights making it awesome from the front. and also its sharp bonnet gives it extra looks. and one of the best things that I like is the design of its new wheels. As you can see in its exterior images which are given below in the gallery-

Photos Gallery

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Safety features & Driver Assistance Features

We know that Volvo is Known for its advanced safety features. and safety is in Volvo’s DNA. Volvo has also confirmed that the new Volvo EX90 electric SUV will come with Volvo’s next-generation safety features. with which you will get huge of standard and advanced safety features like- next-generation adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking system, and many more standard safety features. which are given below in the list-

  • Next-generation adaptive cruise control
  • The automated emergency braking system
  • lane centering and active steering assist
  • Lidar and interior occupant sensing system
  • driver understanding system
  • Intersection straight crossing path
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Infotainment and connectivity features

New Volvo EX90 electric SUV 2024
Volvo EX90 touchscreen | Image source- Volvocars.com

The new Volvo EX90 electric SUV comes with all important modern infotainment and connectivity features. for example, first of all, it comes with a large touchscreen infotainment display with Google built-in features like- Google Maps, and Google Play store. as well as also comes with wireless Apple CarPlay, and a 5G cellular data connection. so it means that it will come with more entertainment features. also, it offers a Bowers & Wilkins stereo system, Dolby Atmos technology, and 25 speakers, including ones embedded into the EX90’s headrests but these features are optional.

2024 EX90 Colors

The new Volvo EX90 2024 will offer seven exterior colors that all are given below in the lists-

  1. Denim Blue
  2. Sand Dune
  3. Crystal White
  4. Onyx Black
  5. Platinum Grey
  6. Silver Dawn
  7. Vapour Grey

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2024 Volvo EX90 Specs

TransmissionSingle Speed Automatic
Power496 HP
Torque671 lb-ft
Seating Capacity07
0-60 MPH Time4.7 seconds
Top Speed112 MPH
Range300 Miles
New Volvo EX90 Specs

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Ground ClearanceN/A
Exterior Dimension

Interior Dimensions

Head-Room (First/Second/Third)N/A
Leg-Room (First/Second/Third)N/A
Shoulder-Room (First/Second/Third)N/A
Hip-Room (First/Second/Third)N/A
Passenger VolumeN/A
Cargo VolumeN/A
Interior Dimension of Volvo EX90 EV

Review Video

Video Credit- Autotrader YouTube Channel


Hello Friends, In this article, we have learned about the new 2024 Volvo EX90 electric SUV. like- the new Volvo EX90 overview, Release date, Pros and Cons, Price and Trims, Range, charging time, battery, motor, power, 0-60 MPH time, interior, and exterior images, safety features, connectivity features, specs, and dimensions. however, the right and exact dimensions are not available right now. but we promise that we will update this story with its dimensions. so I hope this article will be helpful for you. if yes, then must share it with your friends and family. thank you.

FAQs- 2024 Volvo EX90 EV

When will the 2024 Volvo EX90 be available?

Volvo has revealed the new Volvo EX90 electric SUV and claimed that it will be available to go on sale by early 2024.

How much will the New Volvo EX90 Price be?

The exact price of the new Volvo EX90 is not revealed yet by Volvo. but claimed that it will be available fully equipped in the range of $80,000.

what is the range of the new Volvo EX90?

the new Volvo EX90 electric SUV will give a long electric range of 300 miles on a single full charge.

How much time will the new Volvo EX90 take to go 0-60 MPH?

the new Volvo EX90 will be quicker. and it can go 0-60 MPH in just 4.7 seconds.

What is the charging time of the Volvo EX90?

the new 2024 Volvo EX90 will come with a fast charging system. and it will charge 10-80% in just 30 minutes.

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