Best Electric Motorcycles Under 5000 Dollars

Best Electric Motorcycles Under 5000 Dollars

Being relatively newcomers in the vehicle industry, electric motorcycles can cost a bit more than their gas-powered counterparts. The Premium e-bikes like the Energica models can cost up to $30,000, while classy cruisers like Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire are valued at $25,000. Fortunately, you can still purchase quality e-bikes that just cost under $5,000. 

This article will list the best and most affordable electric motorcycles under $5000 that can be available in the market this 2023. Also included here are “honorable mentions,” which comprise amazing e-bikes that can have prices just a bit above the $5,000 mark. 

In no particular order, here are the best e-bikes that will fit your tight budget:-

Best Electric Motorcycles Under $5000 

Best Electric Motorcycles Under 5000 Dollars

1. Sondors Metacycle 

The Sondors Metacycle released in 2021 as an all-around e-bike. Initially, it was priced at $5,000. However, due to the market changes, it has increased to $6,500. While it’s no longer an electric motorcycle under $5000, it’s still considered affordable and is great for commuting and touring. 

It can go as fast as 130 km/h and as far as 130 km. The e-bike has a slim frame that can carry a 4-kW-hr battery. 

2. eAhora M1P 

As a moped bike, the eAhora M1P is stylish. It is designed to be a leisure touring bike with just a top speed of around 60 km/h. Delivering a power of 2000 W, this electric motorcycle enables you to cruise even on the road with a 30-degree slope. With a battery capacity of 1.8 kW-h, it can reach a distance of 64 km. 

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3. CSC City Slicker 

The 2020 version of CSC City Slicker is valued at around $2,800. This e-bike may appear closer to a scooter rather than a motorcycle, but it can still be used greatly for casual commutes, thanks to its 50-km range. At peak power of 4 kW, the electric motor can enable the vehicle to attain a top speed of 75 km/h. 


Another scooter on the list, the NIU NGT, is equipped with a 3.5-kW motor that can help achieve a top speed of 80 km/h. Estimated to cost around $4,500, it has a range of 140 km because of its twin 2.1-kW-h batteries, which is not bad for an electric scooter.

5. Ultraviolet F-77 

The Ultraviolet F-77 is so stylish that it looks like a vehicle fit for a secret agent. Manufactured in India, it has a reliable 2.5-kW motor that can attain a top speed of 147 km/h. This pretty ride claims to have a range of 130 km. You can have this sleek sports e-bike for a price of $4,000 only. 

6. KM 4000 

Perhaps the least expensive e-bike in this article, which only costs under $1,900, is the KM 4000, one that shouldn’t be underestimated. 

This Indian brand packs a punch because of its 120 km/h top speed, 8-kW motor, and 4.4-kW-h battery capacity. Sounds too good to be true? The major drawback is that the battery module is non-removable. 

7. Denzel ECR V1 

The Denzel ECR V1 is a cafe racer type of motorcycle. It means that it’s a vehicle that is customization-friendly. In its original form, the starting price is around $3,900. The top speed of this classy e-bike is around 100 km/h and has a range of 150 km from a single full charge. 

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8. Monday Motorbikes Gen7 

This is another cafe racer on the list. The Gen 7 is integrated with helpful features like alarm and anti-theft. It also has 3 modes: the slow “Walking” mode, the cost-saving “Economy” mode, and the heavy-duty “Sport” mode. 

The un-customized design is powered by a massive 5.5-kW battery and can reach a top speed of 72 km/h. This e-bike costs $4,500 only. 

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Honorable Mentions 

1. Tromox Ukko S 

The Tromox Ukko S can still be considered an electric motorcycle under $5000 in some countries. However, the cost listed on some popular online vendors is $6,600. The increase is very understandable because of the advanced features installed, such as smart technology. With a top speed of 100 km/h, range of 160 km, and power of 8 kW, no wonder it has won an award. 

2. Volcon Grunt 

The Volcon Grunt is an off-road e-bike that costs around $6,000. It has a quite powerful motor that is capable of delivering a power of 35 kW. Meanwhile, its large tires are suitable for navigating uneven terrain. On flat grounds, it can attain a top speed of 96 km/h.


The ONYX RCR can be considered an electric moped, yet it can compete with several bikes listed here in terms of speed and performance. The e-bike has a top speed of 96 km/h. Although it is not yet available in the market, it is speculated to be within 2023. Including the recent design and performance updates, this e-bike only costs around $5,700. 

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4. Kollter ES1 

The ES1 looks very similar to the amazing e-bikes from the company Zero but is still considered authentic. It is an off-road vehicle that is able to reach a distance of 100 km. The top speed it can attain is around 115 km/h. This is quite a good bike, considering it costs less than $7,000. 

5. Super Soco TC Max 

This Chinese electric motorcycle is designed to be a casual ride for adults. You can use it for commuting, long drive, and light adventure. The top speed for this vehicle is around 97 km/h. The motor’s peak power can measure up to 5 kW. 

Although it charges quite relatively slowly, it is great enough because there is smart tech integrated. The price for this e-bike starts at $5,900. 


Which one do you prefer to buy? The under-$5,000 options like the popular Sondors Metacycle or the a-little-bit-pricey electric motor bikes with additional features such as the Tromox Ukko S? Whatever you choose in this list, make sure to align it with your preference. 

If you love adventures, choose the off-road bikes or those that are close to a sports bike. If you just want one for commute, the mopeds and scooters will suffice. Remember that even though the vehicles are affordable, they are still considered an investment, so choose wisely.

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