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Fisker recalls all 2023 Oceans, but for a rather weird reason

  • June 17, 2024
  • 2 min read
Fisker recalls all 2023 Oceans, but for a rather weird reason

Recalls can vary in size and scope, and that’s the case with the recall for all 2023 Fisker Oceans. According to NHTSA documentation, every single one of the 6,864 2023 Oceans on the road is affected by this recall. However, the good news is that this recall is not related to anything that could cause a crash or serious injury, but rather it is for fixing the fonts and colors of some warning lights.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard code mandates the size, style, and color of warning lights in vehicles, with each color corresponding to specific warnings and their importance. It is essential for automakers to adhere to these regulations, and any deviations must be corrected. In the case of the Ocean, the recall states that the font size for the brake, park, and ABS warning indicators was too small, the brake warning lights were the wrong color, and some tire pressure warning lights were not functioning correctly. While these may seem minor issues, the regulations are in place to ensure that warnings are universally clear and easy to understand.

Fortunately, all these issues can be easily rectified. An over-the-air update will be sent out to adjust the font sizing, colors, and operation of the warning lights on the car’s screens, bringing the Oceans into federal compliance. The update will be provided free of charge and can be done remotely without needing to visit a dealer or service center. Owners will receive letters on June 30 informing them of the recall, and they can contact Fisker at 1-844-347-5371 for any questions regarding recall number TSB70062404.

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