2023 Nissan Xterra

2023 Nissan Xterra Release Date, Price, Pros & Cons

As you know that the Nissan Xterra was discontinued after 2015. Because its sales decreased. But the new 2023 Nissan Xterra is coming once again into the United States Automobile Industry. So let’s know if this is the right information or not.

According to media reports, this is rumored that the Nissan Xterra is coming once again in the 2023 Model year, but Nissan has not released any kind of information about its relaunch or other anything. However, Nissan has launched the 2023 Nissan GT-R Sports car once again in the United States after discontinuing 2015. So it is likely that it might relaunch its Xterra also once again.

The Nissan Xterra was one of the most popular off-road SUVs of That time. But it was discontinued due to sales drops. So it may be that it will come once again in the Automotive market after seeing the increased demand for SUVs in the whole world. And we know that now day by day the demand for SUVs is increasing in the whole world.

So if you want to know about the new Nissan Xterra 2023 then must read this article till the end. Because in this article, we will know everything about the 2023 Nissan Xterra. Like- as the 2023 Nissan Xterra Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, safety and tech features, Pros & Cons, and other all-important information. so let’s start without wasting time.

Nissan Xterra History Overview

The Nissan Xterra is a sub-Compact SUV that was unveiled in 1999 for the 2000 model year in North America, which was continuing to 2004. After that, it was redesigned in 2004 for the 2005 Model year and that was continued till 2015. After that, its sales drops too much and so it was discontinued in the USA Automobile market.

2023 Nissan Xterra
Nissan Xterra

But now, it is rumored that the new Nissan Xterra is coming back once again for the 2023 Model year. But till now Nissan Has not released any information about it.

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First Launch Model year2000
Current Model yearN/A
Body TypeCompact SUV
Seating Capacity5
Engine TypeDiesel or Gas engine
Max-Power261 HP (in 2015)
2015 Nissan Xterra Overview

2023 Nissan Xterra Release date

The Nissan Xterra is one of the best Compact SUVs, which has a spacious interior, luxurious cabin, excellent off-road capability, and good fuel economy. So it is likely that it will come back to the market and once again it will compete with the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler.

According to media reports, the new Nissan Xterra will come back. But yet Nissan has not released any information about its relaunch. But it is expected that it can launch sometime in the Next year.

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2023 Nissan Xterra
Nissan Xterra 2023

2023 Nissan Xterra Pros and Cons

The 2023 Nissan Xterra has not launched yet for the 2023 Model year. So right now we can’t tell you the Pros & Cons of the New Xterra. To See the Pros and Cons of Nissan Xterra 2023 You will have to wait to launch it. however, we have given below its pros and cons according to the 2015 Model year.

  • Pros
    • Excellent Off-Road Capability
    • Spacious Interior
    • Adventures Design
    • Value For the Money
  • Cons
    • Substandard Crash Test Result
    • Bad Fuel Economy

2023 Nissan Xterra Price and Trims

As we know that Nissan has not released information about the 2023 Nissan Xterra. So its exact price is not available right now. But its competitor’s price starts above $31,000 like- Ford Bronco. So it is likely that its price could also start at around $30,000 or above.

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However, the 2015 Nissan Xterra was offered in three trims- X, S, and Pro-4X, so it is expected that Nissan will follow the same Trim Model for the 2023 Nissan Xterra. And the price of the 2015 Nissan Xterra started from $23,660 for its base trim- S, which went to $30,590 for its top Trim Pro-4X trim. So you can imagine what will the price and trim of the new Nissan Xterra 2023.

However, the Nissan Xterra is available in Saudi Arabia in three trims- SE, Titanium, and Platinum. The prices start at 121,349 SAR which goes up to 167,399 SAR for its top Trim Platinum. So if we convert Saudi Arabian SAR into US Dollars then its price could start at around $32,285 which goes up to $44,535 for its top trims. So below we have given its price according to Saudi Arabia.

TrimsPrice (Saudi Arabia)
2023 Nissan Xterra Price

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2023 Nissan Xterra Interior, Exterior Design

The discontinued Nissan Xterra came with a more spacious and luxurious interior with a two-row seating capacity for five people. And it came with a bold front look and a more attractive exterior design. But the new Nissan Xterra will come with a new Front look and new interior design with modern features.

2023 Nissan Xterra
Nissan Xterra

According to media reports, it will be the same as the new 2023 Nissan Pathfinder and also follow the same design as Pathfinder, which looks awesome and eye-catching exterior. As you can see in its exterior and interior images.

The new Nissan Xterra’s interior will come with new modern technology and features. Like- a large touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and other important modern features. We will update this article as soon as possible when Nissan Will releases information about it. So you must follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get the latest updates from SuvBazar.com.

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2023 Nissan Xterra Engine, Powertrain

The 2015 Nissan Xterra was powered by a 4.0-liter V6 gasoline engine which was equipped with a five-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission and FWD or AWD drivetrain. That generated power of 261 HP and 281 lb-ft of Torque.

But it is likely that the new Nissan Xterra 2023 will come with a 3.8-liter V6 Engine with an FWD or AWD drivetrain. That will generate a power of 310 HP or 281 lb-ft of torque. However, about its Powertrain Nissan has not revealed any kind of official information.

2023 Nissan Xterra MPG

The Previous generation of Nissan Xterra gave a fuel economy of 15 MPG in the City, 20 MPG on the highway, and 17 MPG Combined. But it is likely that the new Nissan Xterra will give a fuel economy of 20 MPG in the City, 22 MPG on the Highway, and 23 MPG combined.

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2023 Nissan Xterra safety features

Nissan has not revealed more information about the new Nissan Xterra. So we will update this article as soon as possible when Nissan Will revealed it. Like- its tech and infotainment features, images, colors, and specifications.

2023 Nissan Xterra Specs

Seating CapacityN/A
Fuel tank CapacityN/A
New Nissan Xterra Specifications

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2023 Nissan Xterra Dimensions

Ground ClearanceN/A
2023 Nissan Xterra Exterior Dimension

2023 Nissan Xterra Interior Dimension

Cargo VolumeN/A
Passenger VolumeN/A
Interior Dimensions

2023 Nissan Xterra Video


In this article, we have known about the new Nissan Xterra. Like- the New 2023 Nissan Xterra Release date, Price, Specs, Features, Pros & Cons, engine, power, transmission, and other important things. But sorry to say that the all exact information is not available right now, but we promise that we will update this article as soon as possible. Thank you.

2023 Nissan Xterra- FAQs

When will the 2023 Nissan Xterra be available?

The new Nissan Xterra 2023 will be released sometime next year.

How much will the Cost of the New Xterra be?

Nissan has not released yet the exact pricing for New Nissan Xterra, but it is likely that its price could start at around $32,000.

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