2023 Subaru Rex Revealed

2023 Subaru Rex Revealed with a New Engine Powertrain

2023 Subaru Rex Revealed For 2023: Subaru has once again launched its Subaru Rex in Japan. But this time it is not with its old engine and design, but this time Subaru Rex has been launched with a new engine powertrain and a completely different attractive design. Subaru has revealed this on your YouTube channel.

You will be surprised to know that Subaru Rex is not being launched for the first time, 30 years ago, Subaru Rex was in the market but it was discontinued after 1992 for some reason. And after that, it has been launched once again in Japan after 30 years.

However, Subaru has announced that it is going to launch a new SUV called Subaru. And Subaru says that this will be the all-new Subaru Rex that will be available to customers next year. But it won’t be available to United States customers yet.

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The new five-seater compact SUV will come with a new engine powertrain which will be powered by a 1.2-liter petrol engine. Which will generate a total power of 87 HP and torque of 113 NM. And all this power will be sent to its wheels with the help of an ECVT transmission.

However, the Subaru Rex is a light SUV that will weigh around 2200 pounds. So Subaru is confident that a three-cylinder excellent engine will be able to give it ideal fuel economy and decent acceleration. And it will also have different driving modes available for urban areas.

what will the 2023 Subaru Rex Cost?

The new Subaru Rex will be available in two trims, the first being the G grade and the second being the Z grade. And the price of this new Rex will start at $13,000 i.e. 1,820,000 Yen at the current exchange rate which can go up to $15,600 or 2,171,100 Yen for a fully loaded Rex.

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as well as the new Subaru Rex will come with more interior space and luxurious features as you can see below in its interior images. and it will have a seating capacity of five people.

2023 Subaru Rex Revealed
Image Credit- Subaru japan

Watch Subaru Rex Teaser Video

Video Credit- Subaru YouTube Channel

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