tesla cybertruck will be waterproof

Elon Musk Says Tesla Cybertruck will be a waterproof

The world’s richest, famous person and Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that now the Tesla cybertruck will be waterproof and can also be used like a boat or boat. This sounds like a dream come true, but we all also know that nothing is impossible for Elon Musk. And he always tweets something or the other so that he is always trending and in controversy, and this is not the first time that Musk has made such a controversial tweet.

Elon musk also said that the Tesla cybertruck can cross rivers, lakes, and even oceans, and that’s no choppiness. Indeed this is a big claim but this is not the first time that musk has said that cybertruck can float in water, even before this once in 2020 he said that an “electric truck can also float in water for a while”. . Although so far he has not provided any details about it will be made successful but he has definitely tweeted on his Twitter account that this cybertruck will be waterproof and it can work as a boat.

As you can see the tweet given below, which is the tweet of the official Twitter account of Elon Musk –

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You will be surprised to know that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is not the first person to talk about making the cybertruck waterproof. However, the cybertruck is yet to be launched. And it is expected that it will now hit the European automobile market very soon.

tesla cybertruck boat
image credit- electrek.co

The Tesla Cybertruck was first unveiled in the year 2019 and it was promised that it would be launched in 2021, but it did not happen and it got delayed again and again, which ruined the dreams of its buyers. But now Tesla has promised that its production will start very soon and it will be available very soon by 2023. And frustrated Tesla Australian fans who have previously booked the Tesla cybertruck will now have to apply for a refund, as the cybertruck will no longer be sold below.

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The biggest disaster due to the delay in the launch of the Tesla cybertruck has come in the form of competition for Tesla, because it was not launched on time due to the delay and false wade of Tesla’s launch. But its competitors continued to work and made their own electric trucks, as a result, the Cybertruck would now have to compete with trucks like the Ford F150 Lightning, Revision R 1 T, and the GMC hummer ev.

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