Next-Generation Toyota Camry

Next-Generation Toyota Camry: On the way

Toyota has stopped selling the large Avalon in the US after 2022 and introduced the Crown instead. If you need a traditional roomy sedan larger than the Corolla, the Camry will still be available in a new version.

The upcoming Toyota Camry, the most popular sedan in the world, has been captured on camera. A Toyota Camry test vehicle was spotted being driven on Michigan roads by secret photographers in the US while heavily camouflaged.

After the launch of the current generation in 2018, a new Toyota Camry is anticipated in 2024 or 2025. We anticipate a completely new model based on previous timelines.

Next GenToyota Camry

The current Camry, which was launched six years ago, will be replaced by the ninth-generation model, as per reliable sources cited in the Australian magazine Drive.

The report says the new Camry will use a TNGA-K platform. It will compete with the latest Honda Accord and the Hyundai Sonata, which might stop production soon.

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Rising Popularity Of Crossovers And SUVs

The Mondeo/Fusion has already stopped production because people prefer crossovers and SUVs. The Mazda6 is also not doing well. As per Drive, RAV4 will make its global debut in 2024 and will enter Australian showrooms by the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2025.

The Camry serves as the cornerstone of the midsize sedan market, which has been losing both new entrants and sales as the world has embraced SUVs.

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The Toyota Camry may instead get a second facelift than a new generation, it now appears.

Camry is also anticipated to receive a carryover base from the current model, which was unveiled almost five years ago. Although details are not yet accessible.

What Are The Expected Changes That Might Be Introduced In New Camry?

The roofline and door openings, which make up the bulk of the car, are most strikingly similar to those of the modern Toyota Camry when compared to the camouflaged car.

The new Toyota Camry is anticipated to have updated sheet metal, modifications to the front and rear, and an improved interior with sizable digital screens for the infotainment system and instrument cluster.

The spy images were with a note that said, “With the rapid shrinking sedan market, there are chances that Toyota might delay an all-new model, and instead release a second facelift.”

It was unclear, according to the spy agency, “whether the camouflaged car in the photos represents an all-new model, or a heavy-handed refresh using (elements) from the current-generation model.”

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What Is This Century Car?

A recent rumor suggests that a model named Century will be applied to a high-riding model.

While the sedan has largely only been available in Japan, the Century SUV, which is expected later this year, will reportedly also be offered in foreign markets. It will reportedly cost about three times as much as the large off-roader’s base trim and sit above the Land Cruiser.

A new generation C-HR with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain will make its debut later this year in various markets but it won’t be sold here. For its expanding bZ lineup, Toyota is also developing subcompact and compact electric crossovers.

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