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The range of electric cars is decreasing in winter and cold weather

According to a report, the electric car is losing its electric range in winter and cold weather and this range is losing up to 35%, but this loss figure is different for all models. But there is no long-term harm from this. Because as the temperature rises and the weather becomes normal again, the electric car starts giving its normal range.

By the way, almost all electric cars reduce their range in winter, but some models lose more, about which we have given a chart below so that you can guess by what percentage electric car model loses its electric range.

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In that report they found the difference between the maximum and minimum limit which is obtained in winter and summer respectively, keeping in view of the winter season the advisor has put the data which is obtained in winter as Jo-6 Is obtained when dropped between degrees and -1 degrees. And for the maximum, it takes into account a temperature of 21 degrees.

To find out about this, the company has tested a total of 7000 cars, out of which, on average, it loses its range by 32 percent. For example, if an electric car actually gives a range of 350 km, then in use that range can go as low as 238 km. However, this does not always happen and it returns to normal upon increasing the temperature.

According to the published report, the maximum range loss is done by Chevy Bolt, which reduces its range loss by 32 percent. The same winter season gives the best Jaguar l-Pace and Audi e-Tron, which makes a range loss of only 3 percent and 8 percent respectively. as you can see in the photo below

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range of electric cars is decreasing

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Why Does electric Car Lose Range in Winter

So let us now know why this electric car loses its electric range in winter. By the way, the electric car loses its range in winter due to many reasons, the main two of which are due to chemical and physical reasons.

As we all know that a battery is made up of small batteries called cells. When charged and discharged, chemical reactions take place and these reactions are very slow at low temperatures and fast at high temperatures, which reduces the power in the electric system to a great extent.

And in many cases, the electric car has to generate its own heat, and the engines that drive conventional cars are not able to take advantage of the heat generated. And due to this, the electric car loses more of its energy, which reduces its range.

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