Snow Mountain Tree Decal Sticker...



Price: $4.99
(as of Jun 17,2024 06:54:08 UTC – Details)

Material: PET
Color: Black, White
Size: 7 x 2 Inches
Weight: 3g
Package Include: 2 x Snow Mountain Tree Decal Sticker

1. Snow mountain tree pattern, full of freshness of nature, perfect decoration for car emblem.
2. High quality, weather resistant, not easy to fade or peel off, not hurt the car paint.
3. Universal decals, can be pasted on car windows, car body, laptop and any other places you want.

1. Clean the car surface.
2. Remove the protective film of the sticker.
3. Paste it in the right position.
4. Use the card to scrape slowly from one side to the other, back and forth several times.
5. Remove the transfer film and the installation is complete.
【High Quality】: This decal is made of excellent PET, professional outdoor sticker material, which can withstand the sun and rain for a long time, not easy to fade and peel off, without hurting the car paint. It is very durable car exterior accessory decoration and ideal for most drivers!
【Novel and Beautiful】: The snow mountain and tree patterns on this car decal are full of fresh nature, bringing a cool and peaceful atmosphere in the noisy traffic, adding a unique style to your car. It is very beautiful and creative, and is a very popular decoration, bringing excellent visual enjoyment.
【Widely Used】: The snow mountain tree decal measures about 7 x 2 inches and is often stuck on top of the car emblem logo to match it perfectly. Of course, it’s a universal decoration, you can also use it for car trunk, window, bumper, tailgate or laptop, it’s all up to your preference.
【Easy to Install】: First clean the location where you want to paste it, tear off the protective film and paste it in the right position, then use the card to slowly scrape from one side to the other, back and forth a few times, and then finally tear off the transfer film and it’s done.
【Funny Little Gift】: This snow mountain tree sticker is rich in freedom and purity, novel, fashionable, natural and beautiful, perfect for sharing with your family and friends as a small daily gift to bring a different and unique look to their cars, houses, home furnishings, enjoy their creativity!


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