“The New 2023 Toyota Prius Prime has been Revealed by Toyota for the USA”

- SuvBazar

“It will come not only wiht new exterior design but also a new luxurious Interior”

- Suvbazar

“The New Prius Prime will have also two moonroof as you can see in its image”

- Suvbazar

“it will have a new rear view with long LED taillights with prime nameplate”

- Suvbazar

“now it comes with a more powerful plug-in hybrid engine with a powerful battery”

- Suvbazar

“This new engine is capable to generate a power of 220 HP which is 100 HP more than its previous model”

“and also it is packed with a powerful battery by which it can go 35.5 miles on a fully electric mode”

- suvbazar

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