Wireless phone chargers in cars are awful, but I think we’re turning a corner

  • June 17, 2024
  • 2 min read
Wireless phone chargers in cars are awful, but I think we’re turning a corner

Wireless phone chargers in cars have been a source of frustration for many users due to their poor performance. Some chargers tend to overheat the phone, causing Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to crash, while others are finicky with positioning, leading to constant toggling between charging and not charging. Some chargers are so ineffective that the phone slides out of the charger entirely, making them essentially useless. This has led many users to still bring a cord on trips despite most new cars offering wireless charging options.

However, there are some good wireless chargers available as well. Cadillac’s cradle and Ram’s “Ramcharger” are examples of chargers that securely hold the phone in place without disrupting charging. The charging speed is also a crucial factor to consider, as most flagship smartphones can wirelessly charge at respectable speeds these days. Unfortunately, the charging mats in most new cars do not provide the maximum charging speed, resulting in minimal charging being done while using the phone for navigation and music streaming.

Despite the challenges, there is hope for improved wireless phone charging in cars. The 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe and BMW 5 Series have introduced innovative wireless charging solutions that have impressed users. Hyundai provides two secure spots for phones with fast charging capabilities, while BMW’s new design allows for heat dissipation and faster charging. These advancements indicate a positive shift towards better wireless charging technology in cars.

The industry as a whole is gradually improving wireless charging capabilities, addressing issues such as overheating and phone displacement. Once these roadblocks are overcome, wireless charging in cars could become a seamless and efficient experience, eliminating the need for cords altogether. Overall, the future looks promising for wireless phone charging in cars as manufacturers continue to enhance their charging solutions to provide a more convenient and reliable experience for users.

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